BASIC RENTAL INFORMATION (Please note we are fully booked for 2019):

1)   Guest count is limited to 150 people or less.

2)   Rental includes:

i)       Use of the property from 12:00 pm until 12:00 am, unless otherwise agreed.

ii)      Use of the South, West and North Fields, Barn, Honeymoon House and exterior around Shasta Camper.

iii)     Vintage 1951 Chevy Truck placed in your desired location.

iv)    Firewood and the use of the fire pits, provided there is no fire ban in effect.

v)     Limited power / electricity will be offered

3)  Restrooms are not provided for guest count above 65 people.  A luxury restroom trailer must be rented for your guests and Milston Well Farm will provide water and electricity for the restroom trailer.

4)   All vendors must be selected from Milston Well Farm Vendor List.  Tent (if desired), tables, chairs, etc will need to be rented.  We allow use of our antique redwood bar, antique wagon and firepits without charge.

5)   Please note that Milston Well Farm can hosted limited events per calendar year.