Honeymoon House

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The historic Honeymoon House...

Was built in 1905 and is a darling little cottage.  We envision it to be the perfect place for our brides to get ready with their wedding party.  We currently rent the Honeymoon House on Airbnb and is available for photoshoots as well.


"Barbara Ann" Camper


Our "second hotel suite" is our vintage 1961 Shasta Airflyte whom we call "Barbara Ann." She is permanently parked on our 3 acre property and has been lovingly renovated. We lived in our airstream for 6 months while renovating our home, so we know a thing or two about design and what is useful in a small space. We removed the tiny shower and created a full size permanent bed in the back that features a custom verlo mattress, luxury hotel linens, feather pillows and alternative down duvet. This allows the dining table to be up full time in the event of poor weather.

Right next to Barbara Ann is a luxury bathhouse, with brick floor, a trough "japanese style" tub/shower, sink and toilet. We felt this was a much nicer experience than the bathroom in the camper.